Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bradley's Working dogs

Reflection about 2016

2016 was awesome for me I didn't do my best this year the thing that I need to get good at is my Maths some of my friend are going to College New year i’m going to be a Year 8 new year going to be a year. The most thing that I enjoy is Fia fia and Prizegiving, and going to Rainbow ends. My best friends are Aidan, Daniel, Lanzie, WIlliam, and More I can’t wait for the holiday.  My most proud is the Rainbow's ends trip it was so so fun  My favorite ride was the fairfall. So year 8 made me laugh new year I will work hard and don’t never up. Aidan Make me laugh and Lanzie to. And I enjoy Tech at Tamaki College Cooking Food with Lanzie.   

Monday, 12 December 2016

Word Problems

 Walt Using my various stratrgies to solve word problems

Prizegiving and The Picnic

On Thursday Night it was The senior Prizegiving. The Year 5 to 8 started at 7.00 to 8. The teacher and the parents and Lolly leis.Then The Kapahaka kids went on stage. They were singing after their sing. Mr burt said a Speech about the school. Then after his speech the Kapahaka did a Haka people were Scream and Shout Happiness. Kids got lolly lies for Hard work and for Playing sports and other stuff. After that it was the Year 5 item Then Year 6 then Mr burt the Year 7 item I was front I was shy and hot inside me. My favourite dance was the Juju on that beat. Mr burt said The year 8 item. After the year 8 item we and to turn around to the Our Mum and dad we sing the strive to succeed. Then we all we home.

On friday the whole school had a Picnic it was a Nice sunny day then first thing that we did was the whole school went to the hall after that we walk to the Pt England beach. When we got there the grass was wet. Mr burt said have a good day kids so then I was Playing in the sand and run around. I was look for clay with my friends I hand were so dirty I was throw it on the sea I was so hot. Sand was going in my shoes and socks I wanted to go for a swim. Then I felt so Hungry then me and my friends we went look for some crabs it I found a baby one I show my friend and they said were did you found it. I said at the water.  Then in the Afternoon it was getting hot the year 7 and 8 were swimming but i didn’t was to swim because I leaves my togs at Home then it was a Karaoke then were sing. After that we had to clean up. Then we went back to school.      

If I were Prime Minister I....

Friday, 2 December 2016

Bradley And Aidan Film Festival Review

Name of movie you are reviewing: Bradley And Aidan
Film Reviews H
What the film is about, the story, characters, and plot
Camera shots, angles, lighting, colour, movement
sound effects,
and music
Sets, locations, actors, props, costumes, light
How the film is cut, length of shots helps to tell the story
The key message in room 1’s film is to show that Pt England school is a Digital School.

Students are proud of their devices and online education.

This film shows the creativity of the students in many different places.

Children were given new devices in the film and were so happy and excited.

Main characters were
Sateki, May, Maroroa,
Michelle, Ryan, Krishan. Anahera, Wesley, Aysha,

There Camera Shots were worm-eye view
Underwater shot and medium close up long shots some of the Movie was in Slow Movement and was playback. The Type of camera they used was Gopro and a drone. There was colour. And Lighting The type of Camera angles was Underwater, High Angles low angles slow angle and fast angle.     
I like the song  because it was nice and Mr wiseman  ade that song for his Film there was no sound effects.   
There were Costumes and light because the movie was film outside on a sunny day
The Delivery man was look for Pt england school on his phone but his phone died, The type of Place when it was sets was Pt england Beach and School And the Glen Innes Pools
I think The length was just right  

Room 1 Movie By Bradley and Aidan

Room 1 Movie was about Pt england school has a digital learning. The delivery man was ordering netbooks to Pt England school  But his Phone died so he try to look for Pt england school he ask People where it was. It is not appropriate for Children Their Message Pt england school is a digital learning network The kids in room 1 wasn’t happy because they used paper and pencils but when the delivery man with netbooks the kids were happy. It not appropriate for children.
The script did fit with the story the costumes were not appropriate.
The sound fit with the story. The type of camera they use of the film was a Drone and a Gopro.
The scene was all right.  

I like about room 1’s movie because it telling us about a digital man he had has phone
And He was on google maps to find pt england school then his phone died. He went to pt england beach then GI pools then went to pt england school then walk into the classroom and seeing them working on paper and pencils then show them the netbook than they started to do they work.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bradley Word Problems

 Walt: Using my various strategies to solve word problems

Friday, 25 November 2016

Trip to rainbows end

Rainbows End Recount

On Tuesday the year 7 went to rainbows ends. Mrs Tele’a put us into Groups of 5. My groups was Gerg. The first thing we did was line up in our groups then we went in the bus it was a long ride. Once we got there other school were there. We sat down in 3 line then the man came and put the rainbows end wristband on us. Then the rainbows end open. The first thing we went on was the invader when we got on it was slow and slow then I was getting fast. Then it was highest and highest it look like we were fall down. Then we went on the rollercoaster. I was on the Yellow on with Gerg. I felt butterfly it was getting slow then on the high on it stop then I went fast I close my eyes then I open my eye I went fast and I was like No No No. After that we went on the Gold rush I was with Judah and John amour. I was in the front with Judah and John amour at the back it was dark some of the thing was change. It was so dark that I was scared. So then we got out then went to then it was morning tea  after morning tea we went on our last  ride it was the spinning ride I was with Judah I was hold on tie it was spinning around and around I felt sick. After that we went back Home   

Friday, 18 November 2016

Star Man

Tunc Tezel: Star Man (School Journal Level 2 May 2016)

Answer these questions from the article
Q. What is Tunc’s job?
A.  take photo of stars
What country does he come from?
  1. Turkey
Q. What kinds of maps did he find in an encyclopedia?
  1. Night sky
Q. How did he get interested in the night sky?
  1.   Books about the night sky

Fill in the spaces


Make words out of the letters in the word  questions tion tions quest is on in one to test so set see it  us

Friday, 4 November 2016

Night Light

Night Light  (School Journal Level 2 May 2016)
Fill in the spaces with words from the article
The moon is only 380,000 kilometres from earth . √
Spacecraft take three days to reach the moon. √
The moon is about four times smaller than earth. √
Because the moon is small, it’s gravity is weak. √
On Earth, if you drop a book, it will fall to the ground. √
Every object in the universe has gravity.  √
Scientists think that meteorites have slammed into the moon and made big holes called craters. √
The moon’s surface is covered in fine dust. √

Write true or false for these statements
The moon can only be seen at night.
False √
The moon is much smaller than the sun.
True √
The moon seems to have been made from the same materials as Earth.
True √
You could jump very high on the moon.
True √
The moon is not as bright as the stars at night.
False √

The Scientific method - Write up

Title -  The gummy worms
Purpose: What do you want to learn/find out?
What happened to the calcium chloride when we mix it sodium alginate altogether

Hypothesis: Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is ‘educated guess’. This is usually stated like ” If I…(do something) then…(this will occur)
I think the calcium chloride and sodium alginate will change

Materials: List everything you will need to conduct your experiment.
Eco cup, calcium chloride sodium, alginate, pipettes.

Experiment procedure: The fun part! Design a test or procedure to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Write down each step so that someone else could do the same experiment.
1. We mix calcium chloride with water
2. Fill pipettes in with sodium alginate
3. Then the worm juice will change into dot
4. Use pipettes again then put it in the eco cup then it was look like dot.

Analysis/Data: Record what happened during the experiment.
The sodium alginate turned into liquid because it a chemical change.

Conclusion:Review the data and check to see if your hypothesis was correct.
My hypothesis was correct because my alginate did turn into liquid

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hauora (Attitude)

 On Tuesday we had  a Attitude talk we had a man come in his name is Paula come in he was talk about attitude,

Monday, 17 October 2016


Today at reading we did a eggs experiments step 1 is you need to cup and then you need to put water and salt water step 3 blue food coloring two eggs. The first thing that we did was put water in the cup then aidan put blue food coloring in the salt water and the normal water we all had jobs to do. Then angelica mix the food coloring I was doing the eggs. After that I got out the eggs and angelica said pick a egg and pick a glass I pick the left egg and the normal water then angelica said the magic word and then I put the egg in and angelica said that the egg will sink so it sink. The next one was Meaia angelica said pick an egg and an glass Meaia pick the right egg and the right cup it was the salt one and Angelica  is the egg will sink so Meaia put the egg in and it float after that we were finished we are going to make a movie about this.  

Friday, 16 September 2016

Bradley's Sonny Bill Williams

Liam Malone

 This is my Paralympic his name  is Liam Malone His was born with Fibular Herminia in both legs

Bradley Week 8

It was a cold and freezing day me and friends went to the beach for a ride on our bikes my friend name were Jason, Johnny, england, and Tim. We were ride to the beach we did some trick and our bikes it was about to rain so we had it fast there was a big rock so we did the trick on the rocks we got our gear on and started to ride my friend tim did the tumbleweeds, and then it was jason turn jason was good was doing trick with his bmx, it was cold the wind was blowing my face jason was ride he did a trick his wheel started to come off  so he did the trick fast as he can. He stop and it was my turn then it started to rain. I ride my bike i was flying through the air when I was flying through the air I did a backflip it was so cool.

It was a glow night there were 4 men they were bad men then murders people one day I was sleeping when I heard a loud bang outside I open the window I saw 4 men then were silhouette in the dark it was scary the first men was  hold a axe and 2nd men was hold a shotgun and the 3rd men was hold a pitchfork and the last men was hold a stick baton  the men were coming to the farm so then I closed the window and went under my bed. The 4 men broken the door my family woke up the 4 men went into my mum and dad room and grab my mum he tried to joke her my dad push the men

On Tuesday. It was a photo in the 19’0 the mum and the baby take a photo the mum and the baby were come away they had and bag of their clothes. They were going to spain for a week they took some last photo before they went. And they took some photo in the woods they photo  man a girl stand in the right the girl was 10 year old. There was a story about  they girl one day the girl was alone her mum was gone in the car the girl was “MUM” where are you it was getting dark there was a man stand to her so the girl died and became the creep girl in the woods.

Once upon a time they were pirate man with a parrot he had a eye patch, ,tooth, missing , wooden leg. One sunny day they pirate man and his parrot went to look for Treasure they we on their ship. When they were driving it started to rain the wind was blowing hard to the ship  was going backwards the ship started to sink the pirate and his parrot they swam to the sand some they slept in the sand. The morning the pirate  woke up he says Hello here come jake he was like what your name Pirate man said why because Just follow me so the pirate man and jake went the find some gold but the pirate ship sink in the water. But jake said I got a ship (Wow) Said the Pirate man. So jake and the pirate man went on look for some gold. Then stop because there were bad guys trying to steal some gold jake stop and said then my treasure the bad guy some No it mind some then Superman came and said no it jake treasure so the bad guys run away with the treasure. Superman fly fast and said just give back to treasure No No No we will get you some treasure said superman ok so the bad guys went follow superman it was a trick to the bad guys superman said come inside the cave  the bad guys said No it a trick no it not ok superman the cave was dark so superman lock them inside and said see you laters alligators so superman fly fast and said jake I got the treasure I will back to the you ok then jake got the treasure and said good bye superman so jake and the pirate man and his parrot went home.   

Monday, 5 September 2016

Bradley Multiplying any number by a 1 digit number

 Walt: Use an algorithm to multiply any number by 1 digit number

Friday, 26 August 2016

Nick Willis

Nick Willis came 3rd in the men’s 1500m in the final he was happy yesterday usa won gold. Algeria won silver and New Zealand  won bronze he won his 1 medal he was happy when he came 3rd he represent new zealand  and  his family. When it was near to the finish line  nick willis ran fast and came 3rd he is proud to have a medal.

One day I was in the olympic  I was represent new zealand in the men’s 1500m. australia    South Africa  Usa  Great Britain  New Zealand me we start I was come last I was trying my best to come 1st 2nd or 3rd south african was coming 1st. And then I try my best then australia fall  over I didn't care so I came 4th near to the finish line running running I’m coming 2nd and 1st I won the match. I get a gold I was happy I went to the quarter-final it was time We did 3 laps the man said ready set go I was trying my best when.

I ran I almost slip over me and kenya came last then we ran fast we finish our first lap now it was our 2nd lap usa was 1st. My shoes were about to come off but then I just ran  It was our last lap I try to ran as fast as I can I was come 4nd and then 3nd. 2nd and 1st me and argentina were come 1st people was “Scream” and Scream go go go I ran argentina. And then so then we came a tie so then we went to the head.

To the  semi-final. It was raining at rio the man said it was still on so then  the semi- final start we ran 3 laps I was 1st there was heaps of rain fall down we were cold I was freezing and shivering I finish my 1st lap and then I did my 2nd lap then I was rain hard I had goosebump on my arm and handed.

The Usa came 1st after that we finish our 2nd we were on our last lap I was coming 1st I ran and ran the rain started to stop I was near to the finish line I ran and finish 1st I go into the final. The final have start I was 1st I was near to the finish I was on my last lap.

Spain was right behind me I wanted to stop but I did want to stop so then I just jog it spain was jog I ran and ran and  made it I was happy and crying because I came 1st 2nd came spain and 3nd was china. Spain said good work new zealand and china said good work to and I said it not all about winning I won a gold medal.        

Friday, 19 August 2016

Dead car clean-up 2

Dead Car Clean-up 2
Write numbers to show what happened first, second and so on. The first one is done for you.

The Air Force used a forklift truck to pick up the dead cars.
The metal in the cars will be sorted and recycled.
The school secretary marked on a map where all the dead cars were.
The principal and some senior students marked cars that were to be taken away.
The compacted cars were taken to Auckland.
The cars were loaded into the compactor, and crushed.

Fill in the spaces using these words


For years, people have been dumping   rusty  old cars in the bush and on the side of the road.
The local schools and community groups held a special environmental day to discuss the problem and think about possible solutions.
The students were concerned about the problem and wanted to know how they could help.
The Royal New Zealand Air Force  offered their help as a community project.
After the cars were taken away there was still a lot of  rubbish lying around.
Groups of students and other locals got together to help clean up the sites.
Good effort, Bradley. You need to redo the first part as there were lots of errors.

Mrs Clarke