Friday, 25 November 2016

Trip to rainbows end

Rainbows End Recount

On Tuesday the year 7 went to rainbows ends. Mrs Tele’a put us into Groups of 5. My groups was Gerg. The first thing we did was line up in our groups then we went in the bus it was a long ride. Once we got there other school were there. We sat down in 3 line then the man came and put the rainbows end wristband on us. Then the rainbows end open. The first thing we went on was the invader when we got on it was slow and slow then I was getting fast. Then it was highest and highest it look like we were fall down. Then we went on the rollercoaster. I was on the Yellow on with Gerg. I felt butterfly it was getting slow then on the high on it stop then I went fast I close my eyes then I open my eye I went fast and I was like No No No. After that we went on the Gold rush I was with Judah and John amour. I was in the front with Judah and John amour at the back it was dark some of the thing was change. It was so dark that I was scared. So then we got out then went to then it was morning tea  after morning tea we went on our last  ride it was the spinning ride I was with Judah I was hold on tie it was spinning around and around I felt sick. After that we went back Home   

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