Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Bradley's Musical Madness Movie

 This is my movie about my faces I made the song myself there are angry face happy face and shock

Monday, 11 December 2017

Reflection About 2017

My Reflection About 2017 was Awesome my favourite thing about 2017 was playing Friends. For next year I will  work hard in college the college that i’m going to is (Tamaki College) I’m will be a Year 9.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tonga Vs Kiwi World Cup 2017

 This is my presentation about Tonga Vs Kiwi. I wrote about Tonga Catch up to Kiwi in the Second Half. The Full-time score 28-22 Tonga Beat Kiwi. 

Tonga vs England Rugby League World Cup 2017

 This is my presentation about Tonga vs england the final score was 18-20 

Disney Story

Once Upon a time In a sunny day in a Fairy Island there were heaps of fairies and disney characters. People were going to the Disney Party in Rapunzel’s House Once there were pigs name Andrew & Tidus Then were twins. They didn’t like each other. They build their own house’s to live in. The houses was made out of Sticks Bricks but a dangerous wolf saw a pigs and started to blow the pig's house and it broke down because it wasn’t strong to hold it. People didn’t  like Maleficent and then she poison the people because the people didn’t like her. She was not allow at the party because it was 6.00 the party started everyone was party but not Maleficent. So then she thought of a plan she use her power she gave a poison apple to the security guard went to sleep. Maleficent went inside the party.

She was hide she gave all the people Poisonous apple they all went to sleep. The Big bad wolf kidnapped Snow White maleficent and the wolf put her inside a Prison full for weapons and Mice snow white mouth was tape and her arms and legs were tape to. All so Rapunzel got Kidnapped and then maleficent poisonous everyone at the party with an apple and a drink because maleficent was Jealous because she did not get invite. So then the twins had a plan then made a cookies for the wolf and maleficent but it was poisonous they came the cookies to the wolf and maleficent. They said were sorry so then the wolf and maleficent ate the cookies the wolf and maleficent went to sleep. The pigs got the key and save snow white and rapunzel. The End

Monday, 4 December 2017

Bradley Whetu Word Problems

 Walt: Read and figure out what is being asked of your maths knowledge