Friday, 24 June 2016

The Waka

Mr J came we tie the rope to the waka. And then we the waka was also finish but we had to cut the sail for the top of the boat Sateki cut it and Lanzie I had to hold the the paper The scissor was hard to cut on the paper . Then we had to cut what was the size for the waka. Then we colour in the sail for the waka it is red mr j told us what to do he is not colour in the hold thing mr J draw. On the paper to we did fat rope and tie it on the waka. then we were done.

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Wake Crew

Today Mr J Came to and say the make our waka we.
and a rope to tie on the waka then Mr J check the waka and then we had to tie the rope we took 2 hours to try to make the boat look cool then after we had to cut the stick we took turn. Then after we ie the rope on the boat and then we had to draw a little line with to see what the cut then we had to listen to Mr j then we move the boat. After that we had to we sat on the waka Mr J said the rope had to be tie and then we were done. here the photo of the waka this is what we do to the boat

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Super Chicken

One Day two chicken were play in the backyard. The Chicken name were Ben and Kane they were super chickens. One day they found a soccer ball and started to play sudden the ball went fly through the sky ben and kane were talking chicken Kane was angry then Ben and Kane were fighting it was a stormy day ben and kane were fast asleep it was rain hard. The second day it was sunny Ben and kane play soccer sudden ben soccer a super goal Ben said what just happened then Kane kick the ball kane miss the goal ben was laughing Kane said it not laughing then Ben said I will teach  you how to be a super chicken like me. Then Ben teach kane day after day.Then they play each other Ben kick the ball and goal it then kane miss 3 goal. Then Ben said it your turn again Kane then kick the ball will he miss it no he did kane was happy after that ben and kane watched the news the man is then a chicken soccer only on fridays so then ben and kane went to the chicken soccer kane was scared kane said let go back home ben said don’t be scared so then the vs other chicken of around the world ben and kane were vs italy chicken they were not that good so then ben kick the ball and said kane kick it but kane was still scared so then ben kick the ball goal the people stand up. Ben had 30 goal and kane none. The italy chicken get smart to kane and kane said stop it so then kane had a goal kick kane said come on come on I can do this kane kick the ball hard the italy goal kick miss the ball and kane is happy. Then had 44 matches to win. The Next day of the soccer game the hard soccer chicken was australia ben and kane was new zealand chicken. One day and man came and said do you want to be in the super chicken in rio in sunday and ben said no but kane was yes how much do we have to pay the man said it is for free so then went to Rio of the soccer. Ben was number 11 and kane was number 7 day after day then vs each team and won on the semi- Final canada vs  Australia and Zealand vs Scotland the first match was aus and canada Australia are going to the final but who will they be or will it be scotland or new zealand the new zealand won so it is australia and new zealand to grand final so then the point where draw 18-18 all the australia miss the goal so then it was ben turn to kick on the goal ben kick the ball ben got the goal in 19 to 18 new zealand have won the cup.     

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Friday, 3 June 2016

About Our Waka

Today We planned  our waka my house colour is te aurere my group is wool and nail room 1 our teacher was Mr Wiseman And Mr J.
 First thing we had to make a presentation about Portage Road My buddy was sateki the name of the portage was the maori canoe .

Then we had to get a photo about the waka te aurere we had to get 2 photo the top one then we had to vote of the best photo. this is my photo about te aurere here is the waka in 4 week time our waka will be finish and will be in the hall. Look carefully at the photo

 After a while we will make our waka we are going to use 100 nails it is going to be hard make the waka the photo it was going to be hard of my group and me we are going to take 4 weeks make it we had to put ropes and more Mr J is the boss of the waka. In 4 weeks time our waka will be finish.