Friday, 26 August 2016

Nick Willis

Nick Willis came 3rd in the men’s 1500m in the final he was happy yesterday usa won gold. Algeria won silver and New Zealand  won bronze he won his 1 medal he was happy when he came 3rd he represent new zealand  and  his family. When it was near to the finish line  nick willis ran fast and came 3rd he is proud to have a medal.

One day I was in the olympic  I was represent new zealand in the men’s 1500m. australia    South Africa  Usa  Great Britain  New Zealand me we start I was come last I was trying my best to come 1st 2nd or 3rd south african was coming 1st. And then I try my best then australia fall  over I didn't care so I came 4th near to the finish line running running I’m coming 2nd and 1st I won the match. I get a gold I was happy I went to the quarter-final it was time We did 3 laps the man said ready set go I was trying my best when.

I ran I almost slip over me and kenya came last then we ran fast we finish our first lap now it was our 2nd lap usa was 1st. My shoes were about to come off but then I just ran  It was our last lap I try to ran as fast as I can I was come 4nd and then 3nd. 2nd and 1st me and argentina were come 1st people was “Scream” and Scream go go go I ran argentina. And then so then we came a tie so then we went to the head.

To the  semi-final. It was raining at rio the man said it was still on so then  the semi- final start we ran 3 laps I was 1st there was heaps of rain fall down we were cold I was freezing and shivering I finish my 1st lap and then I did my 2nd lap then I was rain hard I had goosebump on my arm and handed.

The Usa came 1st after that we finish our 2nd we were on our last lap I was coming 1st I ran and ran the rain started to stop I was near to the finish line I ran and finish 1st I go into the final. The final have start I was 1st I was near to the finish I was on my last lap.

Spain was right behind me I wanted to stop but I did want to stop so then I just jog it spain was jog I ran and ran and  made it I was happy and crying because I came 1st 2nd came spain and 3nd was china. Spain said good work new zealand and china said good work to and I said it not all about winning I won a gold medal.        

Friday, 19 August 2016

Dead car clean-up 2

Dead Car Clean-up 2
Write numbers to show what happened first, second and so on. The first one is done for you.

The Air Force used a forklift truck to pick up the dead cars.
The metal in the cars will be sorted and recycled.
The school secretary marked on a map where all the dead cars were.
The principal and some senior students marked cars that were to be taken away.
The compacted cars were taken to Auckland.
The cars were loaded into the compactor, and crushed.

Fill in the spaces using these words


For years, people have been dumping   rusty  old cars in the bush and on the side of the road.
The local schools and community groups held a special environmental day to discuss the problem and think about possible solutions.
The students were concerned about the problem and wanted to know how they could help.
The Royal New Zealand Air Force  offered their help as a community project.
After the cars were taken away there was still a lot of  rubbish lying around.
Groups of students and other locals got together to help clean up the sites.
Good effort, Bradley. You need to redo the first part as there were lots of errors.

Mrs Clarke

Bradley K9 Search and Rescue 2 Wirting

K9 Search and Rescue 2

Write the page numbers where the answers to these questions can be found.

In what kinds of situations do dogs help police in New Zealand? Page 17
When do the members of the K9 Search and Rescue Dog Unit 17  Association train their dogs?  Page 16
How do the dogs learn to stay calm in any situation? Page 17
What is a subject’s job during a practise search? Page 18
How does Lacey know when it is time to start work? Page 19
If you are lost in the bush, why should you stay in one place? Page 18
How do the searchers communicate with the person at the base? Page 18

Fill in the spaces with words from the text.
Lacey learns to come quickly when she is called.
Sue has trained Flynn to climb and walk along a narrow plank.
The dogs might be needed to search for people lost in difficult places.
Sometimes they work near fire engines with lights and sirens going, or where there are guns going off. The dogs have to learn to stay calm in any situation.
The dogs have to be very gentle by nature because it’s important that lost people are not frightened by the dogs when they are found.
The search and rescue dogs are air-scenting dogs. They sniff the air for the skin cells which have been shed by the lost person.

Make some words out of the letters in the word  frightened
Tie  - there is no ‘l’ in frightened
Hig - there is only 1 ‘h’ in frightened
Ten - there is only 1 ‘t’ in frightened

Good work, Bradley.
Mrs Clarke

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

TC Student Go to Silicon Valley

TC Student Go to Silicon Valley

Today Gabe and Saia and andrew came to talk about they the tip to San Francisco - On The West Coast of america the state, Gaba and Saia Visit Google, Alcatraz Prison, Twitter, Stamford University, Ivy League School Xero, Kiwi Landing pad, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Khan academy, Golden grate Bridge,

Saia Favourite place was Facebook and Stamford University And Gabe favourite place was Alcatraz and Khan academy gabe said that the in.

Alcatraz is close because the three men escaped in 1962 and the three men was died. and They food in usa were small. Saia wants to go to university in america he wants to be a civil engineer Gabe and saia are year 11 in Microsoft they tested Xbox. In the future I wanna go to usa.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Pest Fish 2

Pest Fish 2
Make some rhyming words
pest     bet     chest     jet     net     ret     tet     vet     wet
pond     bond     fond     
fish     dish     swish     wish
line     died     find     mind     nid     pie     vine     wine
day (make your own rhyming words)
Say hay bay way jay

Underline with blue the 2 vowels that are next to each other in these words from the story. The first one is done for you.

because     free     spread     thousands     nuisance     Eamon     piece     green     lead     weights     keep     tie     float     freezing     search     death     pouring     their     disappear     poisonous     scoop     clear     eels     again

Make some sentences using these words
My sister is a nuisance
I like going  fishing
We were search
My mum hair was tangled

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bradley Making Honey 1

“Making Honey” School Journal Part 2 Number 4 2000
Finish these sentences using words from the story
Jessie’s mother is a beekeeper
Her hives produce mainly pohutukawa
A beehive is a community of honeybee
The queen bee’s job is lay eggs
Some worker bees collect nectar & pollen
Honeybees may fly up to 8 kilometres from their hive
To show where the best flowers are, they do a special dance
The time to collect the honey is when the trees stop flowering at the end of summer
The guard bees job is to protect the hive
Fill in the spaces.

Add ‘s’ or ‘es’
Add ‘ed’ or ‘d’
Add ‘ing’ (you might need to take off the ‘e’)