Tuesday, 16 August 2016

TC Student Go to Silicon Valley

TC Student Go to Silicon Valley

Today Gabe and Saia and andrew came to talk about they the tip to San Francisco - On The West Coast of america the state, Gaba and Saia Visit Google, Alcatraz Prison, Twitter, Stamford University, Ivy League School Xero, Kiwi Landing pad, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Khan academy, Golden grate Bridge,

Saia Favourite place was Facebook and Stamford University And Gabe favourite place was Alcatraz and Khan academy gabe said that the in.

Alcatraz is close because the three men escaped in 1962 and the three men was died. and They food in usa were small. Saia wants to go to university in america he wants to be a civil engineer Gabe and saia are year 11 in Microsoft they tested Xbox. In the future I wanna go to usa.

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