Friday, 19 August 2016

Dead car clean-up 2

Dead Car Clean-up 2
Write numbers to show what happened first, second and so on. The first one is done for you.

The Air Force used a forklift truck to pick up the dead cars.
The metal in the cars will be sorted and recycled.
The school secretary marked on a map where all the dead cars were.
The principal and some senior students marked cars that were to be taken away.
The compacted cars were taken to Auckland.
The cars were loaded into the compactor, and crushed.

Fill in the spaces using these words


For years, people have been dumping   rusty  old cars in the bush and on the side of the road.
The local schools and community groups held a special environmental day to discuss the problem and think about possible solutions.
The students were concerned about the problem and wanted to know how they could help.
The Royal New Zealand Air Force  offered their help as a community project.
After the cars were taken away there was still a lot of  rubbish lying around.
Groups of students and other locals got together to help clean up the sites.
Good effort, Bradley. You need to redo the first part as there were lots of errors.

Mrs Clarke

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