Friday, 19 August 2016

Bradley K9 Search and Rescue 2 Wirting

K9 Search and Rescue 2

Write the page numbers where the answers to these questions can be found.

In what kinds of situations do dogs help police in New Zealand? Page 17
When do the members of the K9 Search and Rescue Dog Unit 17  Association train their dogs?  Page 16
How do the dogs learn to stay calm in any situation? Page 17
What is a subject’s job during a practise search? Page 18
How does Lacey know when it is time to start work? Page 19
If you are lost in the bush, why should you stay in one place? Page 18
How do the searchers communicate with the person at the base? Page 18

Fill in the spaces with words from the text.
Lacey learns to come quickly when she is called.
Sue has trained Flynn to climb and walk along a narrow plank.
The dogs might be needed to search for people lost in difficult places.
Sometimes they work near fire engines with lights and sirens going, or where there are guns going off. The dogs have to learn to stay calm in any situation.
The dogs have to be very gentle by nature because it’s important that lost people are not frightened by the dogs when they are found.
The search and rescue dogs are air-scenting dogs. They sniff the air for the skin cells which have been shed by the lost person.

Make some words out of the letters in the word  frightened
Tie  - there is no ‘l’ in frightened
Hig - there is only 1 ‘h’ in frightened
Ten - there is only 1 ‘t’ in frightened

Good work, Bradley.
Mrs Clarke

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