Friday, 28 July 2017

Bradley's Nasty Nits

Nasty Nits    (School Journal Level 2 October 2013)

What do these words mean?
parasites - something that lives off other creatures
lousy - bad
scalp - your head under your hair
survive - keep living
saliva - liquid in someone or something’s mouth
spiracles - small breathing holes


On what page do you find out about this?

Where do head lice live?
25 x
Why don’t head lice drown when water is around?
Are head lice a kind of insect?
What job does the head lice’s saliva do?

Good work, Bradley.
Mrs Clarke

Monday, 3 July 2017

Bradley's Number Practice

 Walt: Practice our times tables and use them word problems. Last week we did Number practice my group had to work on our 2 time tables and 4 times tables it was pretty hard on slide 3 and 4. My favorite slide was slide 2. I hope you enjoy

Bradley's Reading Graphs

 Walt: Read graphs and understand what it is telling me. Last week We read graphs we did how many more was there the most popular one was Dogs and the least favorite was Fishs