Friday, 3 June 2016

About Our Waka

Today We planned  our waka my house colour is te aurere my group is wool and nail room 1 our teacher was Mr Wiseman And Mr J.
 First thing we had to make a presentation about Portage Road My buddy was sateki the name of the portage was the maori canoe .

Then we had to get a photo about the waka te aurere we had to get 2 photo the top one then we had to vote of the best photo. this is my photo about te aurere here is the waka in 4 week time our waka will be finish and will be in the hall. Look carefully at the photo

 After a while we will make our waka we are going to use 100 nails it is going to be hard make the waka the photo it was going to be hard of my group and me we are going to take 4 weeks make it we had to put ropes and more Mr J is the boss of the waka. In 4 weeks time our waka will be finish.    

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