Friday, 16 September 2016

Bradley Week 8

It was a cold and freezing day me and friends went to the beach for a ride on our bikes my friend name were Jason, Johnny, england, and Tim. We were ride to the beach we did some trick and our bikes it was about to rain so we had it fast there was a big rock so we did the trick on the rocks we got our gear on and started to ride my friend tim did the tumbleweeds, and then it was jason turn jason was good was doing trick with his bmx, it was cold the wind was blowing my face jason was ride he did a trick his wheel started to come off  so he did the trick fast as he can. He stop and it was my turn then it started to rain. I ride my bike i was flying through the air when I was flying through the air I did a backflip it was so cool.

It was a glow night there were 4 men they were bad men then murders people one day I was sleeping when I heard a loud bang outside I open the window I saw 4 men then were silhouette in the dark it was scary the first men was  hold a axe and 2nd men was hold a shotgun and the 3rd men was hold a pitchfork and the last men was hold a stick baton  the men were coming to the farm so then I closed the window and went under my bed. The 4 men broken the door my family woke up the 4 men went into my mum and dad room and grab my mum he tried to joke her my dad push the men

On Tuesday. It was a photo in the 19’0 the mum and the baby take a photo the mum and the baby were come away they had and bag of their clothes. They were going to spain for a week they took some last photo before they went. And they took some photo in the woods they photo  man a girl stand in the right the girl was 10 year old. There was a story about  they girl one day the girl was alone her mum was gone in the car the girl was “MUM” where are you it was getting dark there was a man stand to her so the girl died and became the creep girl in the woods.

Once upon a time they were pirate man with a parrot he had a eye patch, ,tooth, missing , wooden leg. One sunny day they pirate man and his parrot went to look for Treasure they we on their ship. When they were driving it started to rain the wind was blowing hard to the ship  was going backwards the ship started to sink the pirate and his parrot they swam to the sand some they slept in the sand. The morning the pirate  woke up he says Hello here come jake he was like what your name Pirate man said why because Just follow me so the pirate man and jake went the find some gold but the pirate ship sink in the water. But jake said I got a ship (Wow) Said the Pirate man. So jake and the pirate man went on look for some gold. Then stop because there were bad guys trying to steal some gold jake stop and said then my treasure the bad guy some No it mind some then Superman came and said no it jake treasure so the bad guys run away with the treasure. Superman fly fast and said just give back to treasure No No No we will get you some treasure said superman ok so the bad guys went follow superman it was a trick to the bad guys superman said come inside the cave  the bad guys said No it a trick no it not ok superman the cave was dark so superman lock them inside and said see you laters alligators so superman fly fast and said jake I got the treasure I will back to the you ok then jake got the treasure and said good bye superman so jake and the pirate man and his parrot went home.   

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