Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lost Bags

Jason and Lily were getting ready to fly to Wellington to visit  their big brother. This would be the first time either of them flew without their mum or dad. Before they left Lily mum said ‘’Make sure to look after your brother and your bags!’’
After they reached their gate Lily’s brother said he was hungry. Since there was still a lot of time left before their flight left Lily took her brother to get something to eat.     After that when they came back for their bags they were lost and they called for help. Then the man came and asked what had happened. Lily told him their bags were lost .Then the man asked,  “Where did you first put them?”  .Lily said, “I don’t no!”
“Where did you go after that?” asked the man. Did  you go to the toilet after that?” Lily said that they weren’t there . The man said, “Ok.”
After that their plane was getting ready to take off and they still had not found their missing bags!  Lily was starting to cry and  Jason  was still looking  for their bags. Then Jason found the bags and Lily was happy. She asked him where he had found them. Jason said,  “They were on the  chair where we were eating.”
The plane was about to go Lily but they made it just in time They got  into the plane to go to Wellington.

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