Wednesday, 24 September 2014

At the Museum

Yesterday year 5 went to the museum. When we got there   we had morning tea then we went to the marae. We had to take off our shoes. After that we went inside and sat on the ground and the lady told us to get into a group. Then we had to search for Maori things. We had to look around. After that we found it and then we had to go back to the marae to tell the other team what we did. Then the other team told us what they did.  After that we had lunch and then we played.Soon our teacher told us to line up to go to the volcano. When we got there we had to wait because the other group was inside. After that it was our turn to go inside the house and I sat on the ground. The news was on and it was talking about the volcano. Then the tv went off and the volcano went boom!  I was scared because the smoke was coming towards us. It blew up the houses and cars. After that the city was all white because the volcano blew it up.  We went outside we got our bags and we went back to school.

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