Monday, 17 October 2016


Today at reading we did a eggs experiments step 1 is you need to cup and then you need to put water and salt water step 3 blue food coloring two eggs. The first thing that we did was put water in the cup then aidan put blue food coloring in the salt water and the normal water we all had jobs to do. Then angelica mix the food coloring I was doing the eggs. After that I got out the eggs and angelica said pick a egg and pick a glass I pick the left egg and the normal water then angelica said the magic word and then I put the egg in and angelica said that the egg will sink so it sink. The next one was Meaia angelica said pick an egg and an glass Meaia pick the right egg and the right cup it was the salt one and Angelica  is the egg will sink so Meaia put the egg in and it float after that we were finished we are going to make a movie about this.  

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