Friday, 2 December 2016

Bradley And Aidan Film Festival Review

Name of movie you are reviewing: Bradley And Aidan
Film Reviews H
What the film is about, the story, characters, and plot
Camera shots, angles, lighting, colour, movement
sound effects,
and music
Sets, locations, actors, props, costumes, light
How the film is cut, length of shots helps to tell the story
The key message in room 1’s film is to show that Pt England school is a Digital School.

Students are proud of their devices and online education.

This film shows the creativity of the students in many different places.

Children were given new devices in the film and were so happy and excited.

Main characters were
Sateki, May, Maroroa,
Michelle, Ryan, Krishan. Anahera, Wesley, Aysha,

There Camera Shots were worm-eye view
Underwater shot and medium close up long shots some of the Movie was in Slow Movement and was playback. The Type of camera they used was Gopro and a drone. There was colour. And Lighting The type of Camera angles was Underwater, High Angles low angles slow angle and fast angle.     
I like the song  because it was nice and Mr wiseman  ade that song for his Film there was no sound effects.   
There were Costumes and light because the movie was film outside on a sunny day
The Delivery man was look for Pt england school on his phone but his phone died, The type of Place when it was sets was Pt england Beach and School And the Glen Innes Pools
I think The length was just right  

Room 1 Movie By Bradley and Aidan

Room 1 Movie was about Pt england school has a digital learning. The delivery man was ordering netbooks to Pt England school  But his Phone died so he try to look for Pt england school he ask People where it was. It is not appropriate for Children Their Message Pt england school is a digital learning network The kids in room 1 wasn’t happy because they used paper and pencils but when the delivery man with netbooks the kids were happy. It not appropriate for children.
The script did fit with the story the costumes were not appropriate.
The sound fit with the story. The type of camera they use of the film was a Drone and a Gopro.
The scene was all right.  

I like about room 1’s movie because it telling us about a digital man he had has phone
And He was on google maps to find pt england school then his phone died. He went to pt england beach then GI pools then went to pt england school then walk into the classroom and seeing them working on paper and pencils then show them the netbook than they started to do they work.

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