Monday, 12 December 2016

Prizegiving and The Picnic

On Thursday Night it was The senior Prizegiving. The Year 5 to 8 started at 7.00 to 8. The teacher and the parents and Lolly leis.Then The Kapahaka kids went on stage. They were singing after their sing. Mr burt said a Speech about the school. Then after his speech the Kapahaka did a Haka people were Scream and Shout Happiness. Kids got lolly lies for Hard work and for Playing sports and other stuff. After that it was the Year 5 item Then Year 6 then Mr burt the Year 7 item I was front I was shy and hot inside me. My favourite dance was the Juju on that beat. Mr burt said The year 8 item. After the year 8 item we and to turn around to the Our Mum and dad we sing the strive to succeed. Then we all we home.

On friday the whole school had a Picnic it was a Nice sunny day then first thing that we did was the whole school went to the hall after that we walk to the Pt England beach. When we got there the grass was wet. Mr burt said have a good day kids so then I was Playing in the sand and run around. I was look for clay with my friends I hand were so dirty I was throw it on the sea I was so hot. Sand was going in my shoes and socks I wanted to go for a swim. Then I felt so Hungry then me and my friends we went look for some crabs it I found a baby one I show my friend and they said were did you found it. I said at the water.  Then in the Afternoon it was getting hot the year 7 and 8 were swimming but i didn’t was to swim because I leaves my togs at Home then it was a Karaoke then were sing. After that we had to clean up. Then we went back to school.      

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