Thursday, 4 February 2016

2015/2016 Reflection

1.2015 was awesome  because I like camp. My favorites part about camp was when we went to the pools I was sleeping was Lanzie and Angelo.

2. We had jump jam in the Morning and Breakfast we play games and on the last day of camp we went to Manurewa pools it was so fun.  
My Favorites subject in was Maths. What I like about Maths is times. I was in room 7 my teacher was Mr S. My favorites thing about 2015 was Sports I Play Rugby. We Vs Kings. Kings was easy.

3.My friend are cool they name are Lanzie and Patrick. Lanzie is cool and funny and Patrick is cool. But in Year 6 we had to run 2 laps. Being a year 6 is cool. I'am a year 7 this year I Am in room 2 my teacher is Miss Clark . What I'm looking forward for this year is to be to be good and don’t be naughty.   

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  1. Hey Bradley I really like reading this Reflection.
    Keep the great work up.