Friday, 8 May 2015

Lanzie Desmond Bradley ANZAC Assembly Recount Term 2 2015

P1  Did you know that New Zealand fight in the word war one because the Russian  want to be the boss of New Zealand But New Zealand  didn t want that to happen when they said let go and fight for New Zealand so they did .When they went to fight then the first person die because he fort that he will fight and come back but he didn't know that he is now that he goner die.

P2 So when they said that we never ever going back to our Family because they have lots and we do to but they said let fight for our countries and i will  go and get the samoan people when they said let to that so we can save them our they will get kill from the Russian so they went to samoa and get some people and went with them to be safe.

n We will be die or not we will kill them let do this let go so ill stay in this hole until they will not shoot them when we all kill the  Russian when we do we will go and get them back safely to New Zealand so let go back know so they did when they said let go back.

P5 When they came back the people did not look happy they think like that their son or husband and dad and are died when they were sad they said where is my son or my dad or my husband because so where is he so they said he is died so she said i'm going there to.

P6 When we were there they were crying so when we said let's call the people who fight for us that means we can name it like ANZAC day in Saturday, April 25 and let put it on monday to to remember them let do this okay so every day we have to let the school have an we can do this sometime to so that how we do it.

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