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Bradley Get Ready to roll 2

Get Ready to Roll 2 (School Journal Part 2 Number 2 2011)

Q. What sport do the Wheel Blacks play?
A. Wheelchair rugby
Q. Who can play wheelchair rugby?
A. People who have quadriplegia
Q. What does the word ‘paralysed’ mean?
A. Who had least three or four limbs remove
Q. How do people become quadriplegic?
A. An injury part of the spine can cause quadriplegia

Match the words and their meanings
Stadium- place where sport is played and watched
quadriplegia- paralysed in at least 3 of 4 limbs
Paralysed- unable to move parts of your body
scrummaging-part of a rugby game  
limbs- arms and legs  
Read page 30. Name 3 differences between standard wheelchairs and rugby wheelchairs.

1. The rugby wheelchairs is shaped differently
2. Its wheels are cambered
3. The rugby wheelchair had a front bumper to protect the player’s feet

Read page 31. People with quadriplegia have different amounts of movement in their arms and hands. What number might be given to someone who can use their hands and fingers quite well. 3.0

How long does a wheelchair rugby game take to play?  8 minute quarters

Pretend you are the coach of a wheelchair rugby team and these are your players and their classification numbers. Who would you put out on court at the start of the game?
Adam     2.5 Gary 2.0
Bob    3.0 Hugh 2.0
Craig        1.5 Ike 3.5
Dan        2.0 John 2.5
Eric         2.5 Karl 1.5
Fred 1.0 Len 1.5

Write their names here Gary Fred  Craig  

Make as many words as you can out of the letters in the word wheelchair
Wheel chair
Hair in hell
her heel
We he car air
When where here hi
Good effort, Bradley!

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