Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Today's immersion assembly. It was the first back at school of term 2. We made our way the hall the music made me excited the song was about art. To kick us off  The year 1  movie was about their favourites thing  Mrs George, favourites things was Hokey Pokey and her books. and Ms Wild's, favourites thing was her dog the dog was a Chihuahua the name was call joey and her cat. Miss Peck favourites thing was Pandora and Bracelet. And Mrs Lal favourites thing was soccer And Miss Dwyer favourites thing was chocolate and books .

Team 2 Movie was about Seasons like Summer Winter Autumn and spring the term 2 teacher were Miss Eadie Miss Nalder Miss Tumahai And Miss Szymanik.
The Next Team was Team 3 their Movie was  about Grand Designs The Host was Mr Blakey  he was riding on his riding his bike. Then Miss King. and Miss Squires, were build the tent then Mr Moran, Miss Belt,’ And Miss Davis. After That Mr Blakey, was talk about the tent and in the background mr Moran,  was sing then it was finish.

The next movie was Team 4 their movie was about the Superheroes the bear was bad the bear name was bear Baxendine, the bear went and stole Bobby Jon Netbook then Miss West and Miss Moala went to save Bobby Jon Netbook but the bear baxendine pushing Miss west and miss Moala then Miss Lavakula  Mr Somerville And Miss Goodwin came to save Miss West and Miss Moala miss west said help us please mr somerville was team ladder america and miss lavakula was superwoman and mr goodwin was bat guy.     Then mr Goodwin,save miss west and miss Moala ,and mr Goodwin said go get him then Mr Somerville, and Miss Lavakula pushing The bear and then Mr Goodwin kick the bear in the face       
then they save Bobby Jon netbook. I like the movie because I like when the bear stole bobby jon netbook.

Now it was Team 5’s turn their movie was about the 4 haka Miss Tele'a was Hinemoana  Miss Berry was Te aurere Miss Garden was Hokule'a And Miss Sadler was Hikianalia they was vs each other. Miss Garden won the race and Miss Tele'a was angry. After That we went back to class to music was cool the song was about art.

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