Friday, 20 March 2015

Camp Writing By Bradley

Planning.. I like killzone Because It was cool and fun.

Intro - cooking corn fritters
  • Thursday night  
  • going to the pool

  • In the morning we do jump jam.Then we do just dance.Then we had breakfast.  I like killzone because  the balloon one   It cool when I chucky the balloon at people.Then we did camp cooking.  We cook corn fritters I put BBQ sauce in my corn Fritters it was yum.    

  • I Like the pool because it was fun. I like when I put my head into the water. And I like Thursday Night Because I like to watch the other group. Then we had to go on our netbook and go on our class site and go on camp people  choice awards 2015.   

P3 On Wednesday My group and I  Went to the Beach to do  kayaking. Mr Burt Told us What to do. My favourite part was going on the boat. Then Me And Angelo was  kayak   

P4 After That We had dinner after that we watch a movie we watch The lego movie It was funny and cool.Then we went sleep. Then all of the group went to  Mangere Pool I like Mangere Pool Because I like swimming in the pool and then I up onto the big slide.  

P5 On Thursday My group and I did the Amazing Race Mr J Told us what to do Mr J said The glue are around the school Then we had go into group then we race the find the glue. I found the glue  first We had to take a video on the ipad Then we went  to the next glue.

Morning We Went to the hall to do jump jam and just dance.  

Then we had breakfast after that we play games.Then my group and I did The Amazing Race On Wednesday The Year 5 And 6’s Had camp. First We had breakfast My group was call All Star.My Ladder was Adriel And Hendix I was sleep with Angelo And Lanzie.We put our Big Bag In on tints.
After That we went to the pool I put my head onto the water.
Then we went shower After we had shower we had to line up.Then we on dinner.

We watch a Movie we watch the Lego Movie It was Funny And Cool Then we went to sleep on our tints. in the on  Mr J told us what to do.Then we had to go into group then we had to get ready of      
the contest  I like to watch the other group dance.
  • .

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