Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How our Movie was made.

First of all Mr Jacobsen came and said all of you choose the sport. After that we voted. Then Mr Jacobsen choose Angelica the actor and  Pou the camera man  and Billy the gopher. Next Angelica and Pou  and  Billy went up the mountain. And the others were drawing a picture on sumopaint. Then we had to screenshot it and put it in our files.The next day Mr Jacobsen came and looked at our drawings.Then Mr Jacobsen took us to  Mrs. Nua’s classroom to watch our movie. When we got there we had sit down on the ground. Then our movie was on and the movie was all about practise practise practise. I saw Angelica run up the mountain At last I saw Angelica stand on a dais with a gold medal.Soon it was the end of the movie.

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