Friday, 22 August 2014

In the weekend

last friday I went to my cousin. House we play games on his ps3 we play rugby challenge 2  I was blues and my cousin was reds. It was my kick my cousin had the ball he ran be he got tackle and then he kick the ball to me so I get the ball and I try to score a try so I got tackle I pass the ball the my mate he was fast he score a try for the blues 5 to 0 blues is win so I kick the ball in it was 7 to 0 after that it was my cousin kick I get the ball I ran but then I get hit  then  my cousin score a try 5 to 7 then it was my cousin kick in it was 7 all after it was my kick after that  my cousin score a try It was his kick in it was 14 to 7 my cousin won

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